Two days to go *sigh*

Soon to be Last Airbender comic
Zuko picking up something some kid beside him dropped.Zuko: "Here you dropped this."
Kid. "Oh thanks."
Zuko; ".....what's up."
Kid: "......nothing?"
Zuko: "uhm......soooo uh....."
Kid. 'What?"
Zuko: "imma I'm kinda tryin to be uh--"
Kid. "Ii gotta go."
Zuko: "Wait. I just--"
Kid. "Sorry I gotta go." Kid turns away but Zuko grabs him. "Fuck you man get off!" Zuko slams him into the wall.
Zuko; "I was trying to be nice damnit! Wanna be friends?"
Kid: *Fearful Silence*
Zuko: "If you don't wanna be friends--"
Kid: "no it's. Okay haha friends yes we're--" cop walks by. "HELP ME OH MY GOD HE'S TRYING TO BE MY FRIEND!"
Zuko: "no it's not it looks like!"
Cop:" not allowed."
Zuko wakes up in a cold sweat and wakes up the Sokka and Aang.
Aang: "Zuko are you--"

Why is it I'm always wearing shorts/skirt/capris/dress a short sleeve shirt and open shoes the days mother nature wants it to rain?

Martin Luther King Jr.
The up and coming Tea Party has caused a giant stir in the black community. From calling black people 'N's and accusing NAACP members of being racist. It makes me wonder how people really saw Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King Marched on Washington and pressed the government to give all people civil rights. What people fail to understand is 'all people' doesnt mean black people. Just because he was black many assume that he was only interested in the rights of black people. White women marched with Dr. King. White men Marched with Dr. King. Dr. King made the way for innovation for all minorities. Many Latinos believe he's done nothing for them but they're so wrong. If it weren't for him so many people would still be fighting to get the equal rights as everyone else in the country. The March wasn't that long ago and yet people still do not accept that Martin Luther King Jr. was a black man with hope and a dream that we would unite. Instead with these extremists claiming to be the new era of civil rights to fight against 'black hitler' Obama are dividing us and manipulating the worst out of all of us. When will we learn?


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